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Workshop for Children on Drawing and Coloring in Snow

Snow days are really exciting and fun until boredom begins to creep in, especially after several cold snow days. Waking up to snow covered trees and lawns and not knowing what to do with your children who have plenty of energy could very well be a challenge. As a parent, your primary focus then goes on an all out look for that one activity that will not only keep them occupied, lifts their spirits, is fun and gets them playing outside. Well, here’s something interesting that you can do outdoors with a little bit of imagination! Get your your kids involved and call some friends and get started with coloring and painting your backyard snow. You can choose from the...

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Best DIY Snow Sled Ideas for Toddlers, Kids and Adults

How exciting it is to wake up on a cold winter morning and then find yourself cascading through snow laden paths. Having a snowball fight, stomping through snow and spending hours building a snowman and painting him with Color My Worlds, or wait – how can one forget the pure bliss of sledding over snow. Nothing can beat the thrill of zooming down a snow covered hill! Call it a seasonal ritual, but it is a must-do for everybody, be it a toddler, child and yes even for adults. Don’t have a sled? Not a problem at all. Here are a few ideas to reuse some items that may be readily available at home or construct one out of cardboard...

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