An Out-of-the-box STEAM Toy Review for Curious Kids!

An Out-of-the-box STEAM Toy Review for Curious Kids!


Credit @EngineeringEmily

A good STEM/STEAM toy triggers both sides of the brain. The left side of the brain for logic and reasoning and the right side for emotions such as happiness and fun through play.  A good STEAM toy is open-ended and allows for creativity, relates to the real world, allows for trial and error methods, and are hands-on, enhancing both social and emotional skills. 

Credit @EngiineeringEmily

Recently, in an article published on the website Engineering Emily, authored by Emily—who alongside being an engineer is an advocate of encouraging kids to love STEAM—provided a review of Color My Worlds.. The article describes how Color My Worlds has created the perfect STEAM toy which encourages children to learn and be creative at the same time. 

Credit @EngiineeringEmily

Emily introduced the Color My Worlds coloring kit to her two children on a beach trip and highlights the many features of Color My Worlds for a fun and creative play day at the beach. 

  • Color My Worlds is fun and educational, advocating STEAM as building sand and snow sculptures provides children an introduction to 3-dimensional play and thinking which is also the foundation for engineering education. 

  • Making colorful sand castles and coloring sand animals, enhancing sensory development and motor skills. 

  • Color My Worlds Coloring kit is comprised of spray bottles, dissolvable color tablets, brick making mold, and a handy bag to accommodate all the items and more. 

  • Children can also enhance their cognitive abilities by identifying primary colors and using the color mixing chart in the kit to make secondary colors.

  • Colors are kids safe, non-toxic and easily washable.

  • Color My Worlds is an outdoor, open-ended play option the kids can get messy with, but at the same can be washed off easily. 

  • As the children used colors to spray and splash, the kids are also incorporating arts from STEAM into their play. 

  • The Color My Worlds Coloring Kit can be used to color in both the sand and snow and has been designed to address the fun and creative needs of children while learning.