Best DIY Snow Sled Ideas for Toddlers, Kids and Adults

Snow Sled Ideas for Toddlers and Kids

How exciting it is to wake up on a cold winter morning and then find yourself cascading through snow laden paths. Having a snowball fight, stomping through snow and spending hours building a snowman and painting him with Color My Worlds, or wait – how can one forget the pure bliss of sledding over snow. Nothing can beat the thrill of zooming down a snow covered hill! Call it a seasonal ritual, but it is a must-do for everybody, be it a toddler, child and yes even for adults.

Don’t have a sled? Not a problem at all. Here are a few ideas to reuse some items that may be readily available at home or construct one out of cardboard and add designs and duct tape.  The best part is the kids can get involved in creating and designing their own snow sled. 

Mom Blogger, East Coast Mommy shares easy directions to make your own DIY Duct Tape Sled.

Duct tape sled

Making a duct tape sled makes for a for and very creative afternoon.  The best part is your child can get involved in designing it on their own!  Duct tape is now available in every color and every design imaginable. Mom Blogger of Artzy Creations really gets colorful in creating a designing Duct Tape Sleds.  

homemade duct tape sled

The creative and designs of your homemade duct tape sled are endless. Have a fun and creative snow day with a simple to design, fun to create and fun to use duct tape sled this winter!

Save your next cardboard box or boxes, have colorful duct tape on hand and be ready for the upcoming snow days!