How to Make Rainbow Colored Sandcastles - Kids Summer Fun

A sandbox filled with buckets, shovels, and a few sand molds keeps kids engaged, creative, and best of all outside. 

children playing in sandbox


Building sandcastles using a bucket or even a plastic cup are an easy way to have some creative fun.  Coloring those newly created sandcastles makes a summer day even better.  

Creating colors to use to spray or draw in the sand is easy and is part of the fun. 

What you need for making cool sandbox colors:

  1. Color My Worlds Color Fizzy Tablets
  2. White Sandbox Sand.
  3. Clear Plastic Spray Bottle or Squirt Bottle.  Clear bottles work best for making colors. Kids can then see the colors fizz and mix with water.
  4. Creative Kids


  1. Fill a Spray Bottle or Squirt Bottle with water.
  2. Select a Color Fizzy Tablet (Purple/Red, Blue or Yellow).
  3. Drop Color Tablet into Water and Watch the Tablet Fizz and Mix with the Water to Make Your Color.
  4. Secure the top of your spray bottle or squirt bottle.colored water in spray bottles
  5. Have fun and get creative. Spray your colors on sandcastles or use a squirt bottle to write in the sand. 

child in sandbox with colored sandcastles

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Happy Coloring.