Why is sensory play important to early childhood development?

Sensory toys are specifically designed to enhance and engage a child’s attention both cognitively and physically by stimulating one or more senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.  These types of toys have grown in popularity due to the lasting benefits on a child’s development.

9 Benefits of Sensory Play:         

  • Sensory play helps children learn simple concepts in a far more meaningful and simpler way.
  • Since more senses are involved, learning becomes easy and fun!
  • Children retain the lesson for a longer period of time when learning involves senses.
  • Sensory play builds nerve connections in the brain.
  • Sensory play expands a child’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks.
  • Sensory play is helpful in calming anxiety experienced by children.
  • Children with special needs struggle with fine motor skills. Sensory toys give your children the freedom to play as well as strengthen, develop and steady their fine motor skills.
  • Sensory toys help improve focus.
  • Sensory toys aid in the development of problem-solving skills as well as social interaction skills.

Sensory play allows children to learn and have fun through exploring, experimenting, observing and arriving at conclusions. What better way to learn then through play!