Workshop for Children on Drawing and Coloring in Snow

Snow days are really exciting and fun until boredom begins to creep in, especially after several cold snow days. Waking up to snow covered trees and lawns and not knowing what to do with your children who have plenty of energy could very well be a challenge. As a parent, your primary focus then goes on an all out look for that one activity that will not only keep them occupied, lifts their spirits, is fun and gets them playing outside.

Well, here’s something interesting that you can do outdoors with a little bit of imagination! Get your your kids involved and call some friends and get started with coloring and painting your backyard snow. You can choose from the activities and ideas for coloring and painting in the snow shown below, and turn the snow day into a creative and fun day with your little Picasso.

1. Let the children come out with sketches of their choice. Let their imaginations flow and encourage them to draw and fill in their designs with vibrant colors.

2. Give them a theme of ‘winter morning’ or ‘Christmas’; girls can be given the theme of ‘Frozen drawings on snow’ which is a sure shot favorite.  Watch how their creativity and imagination turn out colorful and vibrant images.

3. Have them make stars and flowers out of snow and mix and match different colors in their design. Host your very own snow sculpting contest right in your yard! This is one activity that is alway a hit with children.

4. Let your children get messy with snow! Give them their Color My Worlds Kits and let them just go around designing and spraying rainbows of colors on trees, patios, decks or a mound of snow. Watch them burst into ripples of laughter as they do so! Alternately, if the temperatures are very low, you can get trays of snow indoors and indulge them in snow coloring activity in the confines of the house.

5. Create a winter wonderland with children is a fun and simple snow day activity. Create a snowman, snow dragon or piles of snowballs!

While the children get artistic and crazy with coloring and painting snow, bake some scrumptous warm cookies and hot chocolate to end the afternoon warm and cozy!

You will revel over the fact that you indeed turned around what could be a monotonous snow day into a fun, creative and lively one, for yourself and your children.