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From Simple Snowballs to Snowball Color Wars

If you want to make your snowball throwing more interesting try having snowball color wars. Each Color My Worlds Kit can make 6 colors.  The primary colors of Blue, Red and Yellow coloring tablets are included with each kit.  Combining these primary colors will make the secondary colors of Orange, Purple and Green.  Make teams, make pairs and make a lot of colored snowballs!

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How Do You Make Sledding Even Better?

Sledding is a great winter pastime!  It gets the kids outside playing and moving. Make this year's sledding even better by coloring a sled path and creating colorful designs on sled jumps.This creative Westchester County girl decided to make her sledding even better by creating rainbow-colored sled jumps.  Now that's creative! 

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Any Colors Any Way

The best part about coloring in the snow is just that...Coloring in the Snow!.   Color a giant snowball or color a snow-covered railing! Any coloring on any day is a good day!

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